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Sri Lankan Public Opinion

As the American presidential election finally winds down with what appears to be a grudging concession (of sorts) by soon-to-be former President Donald J. Trump, I've been thinking about the fickleness of public opinion. Despite pollsters' valiant attempts to explain...

Polling a ‘Foreign Tribe’

As the US presidential elections wind their way towards a painful and tortuous conclusion, I've been thinking a lot about the difference between reporting on a survey that offers a snapshot in time, as opposed to using polls, and past history, to predict what the...

From Qual to Quant and Back

I started my professional life as a face-to-face interviewer in communities very different from my own, and then learned to enjoy the power of quantitative research, survey and otherwise, despite its desk-bound nature. Now, I am looking forward to bringing the two research styles together. Thirty years after my first steps as a professional researcher, I’m in a methodological sweet spot. I think it’s going to be fun.

Surveys: Police Critics are not Anti-Capitalists

Surveys: Police Critics are not Anti-Capitalists

By James Ron and Doug Guthrie After protests swept through Kenosha, Wisconsin, we thought it was worth asking: Do supporters of Black Lives Matter (BLM) seek more than police restructuring? Do they actually want to replace the capitalist system with something else...