Are you interested in the fight for equality around the world? Do you want to work in the field of human rights? There are numerous non-profits that take up this important social issue, and here are the top five global organizations fighting for human rights.

1. Amnesty International

More than 7,000,000 people are involved with Amnesty International, which works in human rights without any political-economic, or religious motivations. Activities include lobbying, research, campaigns, and advocacy that is based on science and factual information. The organization is among the most influential in the realm of human rights.


2. Physicians for Human Rights

Physicians for Human Rights focuses on massive atrocities and human abuse that occurs in almost every part of the world. The organization is comprised of scientists, physicians, and other medical professionals are actively involved in regions where torture, sexual violence, and excessive use of force on civilians is common. They work directly with survivors to provide support and ensure that those guilty of human rights violations are held accountable.


3. International Federation for Human Rights

Comprised of 184 independent organizations from more than 100 countries, International Federation for Human Rights champions efforts focused on rights that are defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, including social, cultural, economic, political, and civil. They work towards righting the wrongs of international corporations, states, and armed opposition groups.


4. Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch is an investigative non-profit that works with armed groups, governments, and businesses through advocacy and research. They have a strong social media presence that brings issues to light for millions of their followers that might otherwise not know what is happening. The mission of Human Rights Watch is to create a world based on equality, compassion, justice, and dignity.


5. Anti-Slavery International

Slavery is not an issue that stays hidden in our history books. This human rights issue continues even in the modern world. This is one of the oldest organizations of its type in the world, and their work is founded upon treaties by the United Nations. The UN Economic and Social Council routinely consults with Anti-Slavery International, and the organization also observes statutes considered by the International Labor Organization. Some of the slavery issues that Anti-Slavery International focuses on are child labor, forced marriages, bonded labor, and descent-based slavery.